Growth and Popularity

Swim Miami’s growth and popularity can largely be accredited to its focus on Olympic swimming and its elite swim field. Past Olympians and professionals to swim in the event have included Gary Hall Jr., Milorad Čavić, George Bovell, Ricardo Monasterio, Anthony Ervin, Ed Moses, Nathan Adrian, Robert Strauss, and Tiffany Cohen.

Miami Mile

Swim Miami is an annual multi-race open water swimming competition in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. organized by Jonathan Strauss that includes a 800m, the Miami Mile, 5 km and 10 km races on Watson Island. The event, annually one of America's Top 50 Open Water Swims, is owned and operated by the H2O’s Foundation, a foundation dedicated to eradicating drowning in south Florida.

The original Swim Miami began in 1989 by Jimmy Woodman in conjunction with Florida Sports Magazine. The event ran successfully through 1998. In 2005, Miami Sports International, a subsidiary of Swim Gym Aquatics, operated by four-year University of Florida swimming captain Jonathan Strauss, then restored the event and adapted it to the the post-Olympic future of open water swimming.

The original idea and concepts for Swim Miami came about due to a demand to bring open water swimming to the forefront of aquatic sports. It was also created as a way for swimmers to give back to the sport that was able to give them a life of health and fitness.